Newsletter FAVA update

National Conference of Nepal Veterinary Association

National Conference of Nepal Veterinary Association during 27-30 May in Kathmandu, Nepal. He delivered warm greetings in the open ceremony and presented a study on decreasing of household dog population in Taiwan. A cheerful event witnessed by Dr. Chiang was the MOU of Nepal Veterinary Association and Veterinary Association of Malaysia. It will make NVA and VAM a good relationship and cooperation. The MOU was signed by the president of NVA, Dr. Bimal Nirmal and the president of VAM, Dr, Vincent Ng. The vice president of Vietnam Veterinary Association, Dr. Tran Tu also joined this big event.

FASAVA 2014 in Beijing

President Dr. Johnson Chiang was invited by Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations to deliver a lecture of animal welfare at the FASAVA Congress 2014 in Beijing from 12, May to 15, May. At the same time, Dr. Chiang was interviewed by a popular pet program of TV in China to explain the role and missions of vet.

President News KAHA

President News :
President of FAVA, Dr. Johnson Chiang was invited by Korea Animal Hospital Association to deliver a speech and lecture at 10th KAHA International Congress in Seoul during 10-11, May 2014. The topic of Dr. Chiang’s lecture is “The Role of Vet to Companion Animal Welfare”. At this Congress, Dr. Chiang had a very good communication on the FAVA issues with president of Korea Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. O-K, Kim and president of KAHA, Dr. Juhyung Hur.

FAVA in Trade Show VIV Europe 2014

Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, FAVA Secretary General was invited by VNU Exhibition Europe to be the guest visiting Live stock Trade Show, VIV Europe 2014, during 20 – 22 May , 2014, Jaarbeurs, Utrecth, the Netherlands.

In this exhibition, FAVA also promoted FAVA – ILDEX seminar and VIV Asia 2015 seminar in 2015. During the meeting, Dr. Tjeerd Jorna, Immediate Past President of WVA has accompanied FAVA to visit Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, in Utrecht.
This is a successful meeting for the collaboration with the European livestock industry in the future.


Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, FAVA Secretary General participated and facilitated the “Network of ASEAN Veterinary Students for Animal Welfare (NAVSAW)” during 17th -19th April, 2014 at Chulalongkorn University, Nakornpathom and Bangkok, Thailand. The project of NAVSAW is created for a collaboration of ASEAN veterinary schools . Financial support the project is the ASEAN Studies Center of Chulalongkorn University. There are 3 guest speakers from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). The objectives are to concern on animal welfare and expand the concepts in their own countries. The meeting was consisted of 11 universities from 8 countries which are;

1. Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia

2. Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

3. University of Airlangga, Indonesia

4. Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

5. National University of Laos, Laos

6. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

7. University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar

8. University of the Philippines Los Baños, Philippines

9. Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam

10. Nong Lam University, Vietnam

11. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

The NAVSAW members agreed to create a 1 to 2-year-project for a campaign on animal welfare issue that suits to their regions. It has been successfully done on animal promoting the animal welfare in veterinary schools.

Regional Welfare Strategy Coordination Group Meeting 7

Regional Welfare Strategy Coordination Group Meeting 7, hosted by OIE on 24th March, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, FAVA Secretary General participated the Regional Welfare Strategy Coordination Group Meeting 7 hosted by OIE on 24th March, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting provided advice on the development and implementation of the Regional Animal Welfare Strategy for Asia, the Far East and Oceania. This year, FAVA has many activities collaborating with WSPA, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand and College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Philippines, Los Banos, Philippines.

AVA Panvet MoU

Congratulation on the MoU Signing ceremony,
FAVA-AVA- PANVET, 19-22, February 2014

Dr. Johnson Chiang, President of FAVA, was invited to attend the 75th anniversary celebration and the international conference of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Khartoum, Sudan. Hundreds of Sudanese veterinarians and degelates from more than 10 countries gathered together to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (1938~2013) of Veterinary Medicine, University of Khartoum. The president of African Veterinary Association (AVA), Dr. Faouzi Kechrid and the president elected of Panamerican Veterinary Association (PANVET), Dr. Maria Nelly Cajiao were invited to attend the big event. Globally, to advance the veterinary profession, to promote animal health, animal welfare and public health, to increase veterinary biosecurity, to prevent animal disease and zoonosis, FAVA, AVA and PANVET believe in working together, offering support to each other and respect each organiation will achieve these goals. Under the witnesses of Minister of Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, Rangelands, Dr. Faysal Ibrhim, Chancellor of University of Khartoum, Dr. EL Dafalla, President of University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Dr. Gerhard Greif, delegates from differents countries and many presses, FAVA-AVA, FAVA-PANVET, AVA-PANVET signed the MOU. This activity is agreed to the FAVA Strategy plans, 2010-2015.