The 39th FAVA Council meeting 2017


The 39th FAVA council meeting had been successfully conducted on 26th August, 2017 as a joint meeting with the 33rd WVC 2017, in Incheon, Korea. It is indeed an impressive and  constructively   FAVA council meeting  with the great supports from our members and the networking organizations internationally.  FAVA has created a friendly platform for not only our

country members but also  globally.  We truly recognized the numerous efforts and well  organized of the host association, the Korean Veterinary Medical Association, KVMA. Who had conducted the great success of 33rd WVC 2017, 27th – 30th  August, 2017, Korea.

On behalf of  Prof. Dr. Dau Ngoc Hao, President of FAVA and FAVA country members,

FAVA would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the FAVA councilors, Afghanistan  Veterinary Association, AfVA, Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association, IVMA,  Japan Veterinary Medical Association, JVMA,  Korean Veterinary Medical Association, KVMA, Mongolian Veterinary Association, MVMA,  Myanmar Veterinary Association, MVA,  Nepal Veterinary Association, NVA,  Philippines Veterinary Medical Association,  PVMA, Singapore Veterinary Association, SVA,  Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association, TWVMA,  Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal Patronage, TVMA,  Veterinary Association Malaysia, VAM, Vietnam Veterinary Association, VVA,  Associated member, Asian Society of Conservation Medicine(ACCM), distinguished guests, Dr. Rene Carlson, President of WVA, Prof. Dr. Peter Thornber, President of  CVA, Mr. Phillip Wilson, WAP’s representative, Dr. Natasha Lee, PGCE project manager, Ms. Doljinsuren, AVSA and FAVA members’ colleagues.  In this regards, FAVA would like to congratulate, Dr. Quaza Nizammuddin Hasan Nizam, President of  VAM and  his team from Sarawak on being awarded the 21th FAVA Congress, in  2020, Sarawak, Malaysia.    All of which have made this FAVA council meeting success.










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