The 19th FAVA Congress 7-9 Sep 2016

We are very pleased to introduce the proceedings of the 19th Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations
(FAVA) Congress. Competent scientists and valuable participants from 20 countries have contributed to the
success of the conference.

A total of 106 scientific papers will be presented which strongly support for the theme of the congress
“The Collaboration of Asian Veterinarians in the One-Health Concept”. The congress will start with the
keynote lectures that cover all 8 fields such as “One health and the veterinary profession – issues and
challenges”, “The dynamics of the swine immune response against PRRSV”, “Between bovine milk
production and reproduction: the challenge”, “Phytogenics: a valid strategy to reduce gut stressors”,
“Mechanistic understanding of heat stress response in poultry”, “Production animal welfare in Asia”,
“Minimal invasive surgery in small animals”, “Lung inflammation and novel nanomedicines”, “Development
of Streptococcosis vaccine for tilapia farms”. These lectures will be offered by leading scientists from the
USA, Australia, France, Belgium, Canada and Thailand. Many interesting topics will be discussed during
the oral section relating to swine, poultry, ruminant, companion animal, aquaculture, nutrition, One Health
and veterinary education. Other attractive activities, including visiting poster section, exhibition area or
participating in the symposiums, will also complete your trip to the congress.

We would like to record our appreciation to all invited speakers. Without their support, the conference could
not have been successful. We also acknowledge the authors as well as all reviewers. Their efforts made a
great contribution to the excellent accomplishment of the proceeding. In the proceedings of FAVA 2016, we
are happy to present to all of you the full-text papers of the most updated research and reviews relating to
animal husbandry and veterinary medicine with respect to human health and environment.

The Organizing Committee of the FAVA 2016 has devoted its best effort to prepare one of the most meaningful
and enjoyable congresses. We hope that FAVA 2016 will contribute significantly to the development of
animal production or animal protection not only in Asia but also all over the world.


38th FAVA council meeting 2016

23rd May, 2016

To : FAVA Member Associations;
(Australian Veterinary Association, Afghanistan Veterinary Association, Bangladesh Veterinary Association, Federation of Veterinary Association Pakistan, Hong Kong Veterinary Association., Indian Veterinary Association, Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association, Japan Veterinary Medical Association, Korean Veterinary Medical Association, Mongolian Veterinary Association, Myanmar Veterinary Medical Association, Nepal Veterinary Association, New Zealand Veterinary Association, Philippines Veterinary Medical Association, Singapore Veterinary Association, Sri Lanka Veterinary Association, Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal Patronage, Veterinary Association Malaysia, Vietnam Veterinary Association) and Associated member, Asian Society of Conservation Medicine(ACCM)

Re: The 38th FAVA Council meeting 2016
It is a great pleasure for FAVA to invite the FAVA council representatives on attending the 38th FAVA Council meeting 2016 hosted by Vietnam Veterinary Association, VVA, which will be held on the 5th -6th September, 2016, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation and be able to participate actively in the forthcoming FAVA council meeting (see the attached agenda) and 19th FAVA Congress 2016. Further information and accommodation, kindly contact; Dr. Tan Dai Vo, Representative of VVA, email: and FAVA secretariat, email:
Thanks in advance and see you soon in Vietnam this September.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Achariya Sailasuta
Secretary General, FAVA