Launch of the 2018 OIE Photo Competition

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) today launches its fourth annual photo competition on the dedicated website:


Paris, 1 February 2018 – The OIE will be holding its annual photo competition from 1 February to 15 April 2018.

The Organisation has given prominence to its major mission of improving animal health and welfare in the photo competition, whose aim is to visually and creatively show the crucial importance of the work done to protect animal health and welfare worldwide through the implementation of OIE International Standards. The competition also seeks to highlight the crucial link between animal health and welfare as well as the significance of these latter elements to face the challenges of the future, and preserve human health and ecosystems.

The winning photos of the 2018 OIE PHOTO COMPETITION will therefore be those that best illustrate, both from an artistic and a descriptive point of view, the work carried out by animal health and welfare players. The jury will especially consider photos depicting the work of public and private Veterinary services in protecting animal health and promoting animal welfare worldwide in the context of the OIE Standards’ implementation, thus ensuring public health.  

Photos should highlight the human/animal interactions that typify the activities of animal health and welfare professionals under the following themes:

1.       Animal disease surveillance, prevention and controlPhotos could depict surveillance activities, vaccination campaigns, prophylaxis, and diagnostic tests, including interaction between wildlife (birds, rodents, etc), environment and livestock.

2.       Animal welfarePhotos could illustrate transport of animals, stray dog management, working animals, and other topics addressed in the OIE welfare standards’ chapters.

3.       Animal production systemsPhotos could demonstrate familial, extensive or intensive farming systems, as well as transhumance, pastoralism systems, etc, with when possible a special spotlight on sustainable practices.

4.       Aquatic animal health and production systems.  Photos could show farmed fishing systems,amphibians, crustaceans, farmed fish, molluscs and their products.

5.       One HealthPhotos could depict the essential link between human and animal health and the ecosystem in which they co-exist.

6.       Veterinary educationPhotos could illustrate young students in practice/ training, veterinary education establishments and facilities etc. 


1)      OIE Global Network

Each prize winner will receive the sum of €1,000.

A winner will be chosen from each region in the OIE Global Network:

  • Africa Prize
  • Americas Prize
  • Asia and Pacific Prize
  • Europe Prize
  • Middle East Prize

2)      Veterinary StudentsEach prize winner will receive the sum of €500.A winner will be chosen from the entries submitted by all veterinary students from each OIE region:

  • Africa Prize
  • Americas Prize
  • Asia and Pacific Prize
  • Europe Prize
  • Middle East Prize


Dr Monique ÉLOIT
OIE Director General

Dr Botlhe Michael MODISANE

President of the OIE World Assembly of Delegates


Dr Frédéric DECANTE

Veterinarian and press photographer


The selection process will be held under strict conditions of anonymity. The decision made by the jury will be final.


Are you at least 18 years of age, part of the OIE network OR a student above 18 years of age studying in a faculty of veterinary medicine? If so, you can enter – just follow these steps:

  1. Select between one and five photos on the above theme;
  2. Download and read the rules on the dedicated photo competition web site
  3. Fill in the entry form online, ensuring to complete all the fields and accept the conditions contained in the  rules of the photo competition;
  4. Upload and submit your photos (no more than five), on the photo competition website, noting the caption for each photo by 15 April 2018, noon (Paris time);
  5. Make sure that you receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application.

The results will be announced on the photo competition website on 16 May 2018. Winners will be notified in advance by email.

Complimentary cheques will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony of the 86th OIE General Session on Sunday, 20 May 2018.

For further information, contact the OIE Communication Unit at


The following are considered to be members of the OIE network and eligible to enter the 2018 OIE Photo Competition:

  •  National Delegates of an OIE Member Country;
  • National Focal Points of an OIE Member Country;
  • Employees of the Veterinary Services of an OIE Member Country;
  • OIE experts;
  • Employees of an OIE Reference Laboratory or Collaborating Centre;
  • Employees of an OIE partner organisation. See list here.


The following are the requirements for students to be eligible to enter the 2018 OIE Photo Competition:

  • over 18 years;
  • Full-time veterinary students who are enrolled in any of the faculties of veterinary medicine of an OIE Member Country during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Click on the image to find out the technical requirements


WVA Declaration of Incheon on the Role of the Veterinary Profession in One Health and EcoHealth Initiatives.

WVA Declaration of Incheon on the Role of the Veterinary Profession in One Health and EcoHealth Initiatives.

One of the World Veterinary Congress 2017 outcomes is the VETERINARY VISION 2050 Declaration to emphasize the professional and societal roles of veterinarians in One Health networks to overcome current and future challenges.

The Veterinary Vision 2050 was prepared by the Vet-Vision 2050 Committee and adopted in December 2017 by the WVA Council as the WVA Declaration of Incheon on the Role of the Veterinary Profession in One Health and EcoHealth Initiatives.



World Antibiotic Awareness Week



FAVA – World Antibiotic Awareness Week,  13th -17th  November, 2017

Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University,

Bangkok, Thailand







FAVA Congress 2018

FAVA-ASCM One Health Educational Pre-congress Workshop and the 10th ASCM Meeting


FAVA-ASCM One Health Educational Pre-congress Workshop  and the 10th ASCM Meeting, 20th -22nd October, 2017, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

FAVA   and  Asian Society of Conservation Medicine, ASCM  held  One Health Educational  Pre-congress Workshop  on  20th October, 2017  at  Universiti  Malaysia  Sarawak (UNIMAS), Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.    Prof. Dr. Achariya   Sailasuta, FAVA Secretary General was an invited speaker in the topic of   Role of FAVA in  One Health in Asia  and  the invited speakers; Dr.  Pam  Whiteley (Wildlife Disease Association, Australia),   Dr. Chen- Chih Chen (National Pingtung  University of Science and Technology, Taiwan) and Prof. Dr. Junpei Kimura (Seoul National University, Korea).  During 21st – 22nd October 2017, FAVA has participated the 10th ASCM meeting in  Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The meeting has successfully facilitated an exchange      of information  in conservation medicine in  Asia,          and foster friendship and collaboration among Asian countries.

WSAVA’s animal welfare sub-committee visited FAVA office

Prof. Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, FAVA Secretary General welcomed WSAVA’s animal welfare sub-committee chaired by Dr. Shane Ryan, Past president of FAVA and president elected of WSAVA. The meeting was successfully held at  FAVA office in Bangkok, during  21st -22nd  August, 2017.


The 39th FAVA Council meeting 2017


The 39th FAVA council meeting had been successfully conducted on 26th August, 2017 as a joint meeting with the 33rd WVC 2017, in Incheon, Korea. It is indeed an impressive and  constructively   FAVA council meeting  with the great supports from our members and the networking organizations internationally.  FAVA has created a friendly platform for not only our

country members but also  globally.  We truly recognized the numerous efforts and well  organized of the host association, the Korean Veterinary Medical Association, KVMA. Who had conducted the great success of 33rd WVC 2017, 27th – 30th  August, 2017, Korea.

On behalf of  Prof. Dr. Dau Ngoc Hao, President of FAVA and FAVA country members,

FAVA would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the FAVA councilors, Afghanistan  Veterinary Association, AfVA, Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association, IVMA,  Japan Veterinary Medical Association, JVMA,  Korean Veterinary Medical Association, KVMA, Mongolian Veterinary Association, MVMA,  Myanmar Veterinary Association, MVA,  Nepal Veterinary Association, NVA,  Philippines Veterinary Medical Association,  PVMA, Singapore Veterinary Association, SVA,  Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association, TWVMA,  Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal Patronage, TVMA,  Veterinary Association Malaysia, VAM, Vietnam Veterinary Association, VVA,  Associated member, Asian Society of Conservation Medicine(ACCM), distinguished guests, Dr. Rene Carlson, President of WVA, Prof. Dr. Peter Thornber, President of  CVA, Mr. Phillip Wilson, WAP’s representative, Dr. Natasha Lee, PGCE project manager, Ms. Doljinsuren, AVSA and FAVA members’ colleagues.  In this regards, FAVA would like to congratulate, Dr. Quaza Nizammuddin Hasan Nizam, President of  VAM and  his team from Sarawak on being awarded the 21th FAVA Congress, in  2020, Sarawak, Malaysia.    All of which have made this FAVA council meeting success.










FAVA in 33rd WVC 2017, 27th -30th August, 2017, Incheon Korea



FAVA has attended WVA’s activities, WVA council meeting, WVA GA meeting.   FAVA has created a friendly platform for not only our country members but also  globally.  We truly recognized the numerous efforts and well organized  of the host association, the Korean

Veterinary Medical Association, KVMA. Who had conducted the great success of

33rd WVC  2017, 27th – 30th  August, 2017, Korea.





One Health Educational Workshop



Education in conservation medicine or one health in Asia is still not perfect, and its significance has sometimes been ignored, which needs to be addressed. This annual meeting of ASCM will feature a pre-congress workshop with international specialists as an introduction to the local participants. The expected audience will be mainly the zoology students from the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and students or veterinarians from Malaysia. The ASCM pre-congress one health educational workshop has the strong support from Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA) since 2014.


  1. Achariya Sailasuta (Secretary General, Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations, Thailand)
  2. Pam Whiteley (Wildlife Health Surveillance Victoria, Australia) 
  3. Chih-Chen Chen (Assistant professor, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology; Institute of Wildlife Conservation, Taiwan)
  4. Daisuke Koyabu (Assistant professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  5. Junpei Kimura (Professor, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

For more details, please visit the following LINK

AVSBN 2017


FAVA collaborated with Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University  and Veterinary Council of Thailand cooperated with The Associations of Thai Veterinary Professional and International Organizations  hosting  the Workshop on ASEAN Veterinary Statutory Body Network’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020  (AVSBN 2017)



The Workshop on ASEAN Veterinary Statutory Body Network’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020 (AVSBN 2017)  was  held during  9th – 11th August, 2017  at Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and Veterinary Council of Thailand, Nonthaburi, Thailand.  In this regards, this workshop has coordinated with Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Royal Thai Government , Thai Veterinary Medical Association under royal patronage (TVMA), Thailand Veterinary Dean Consortium (TVDC), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), and Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA) and supported by the Innovative Thai-ASEAN Academic Co-operation at  Chulalongkorn University (ITAAC@CU).



The workshop features as one of flagship projects of the faculty to celebrating the ASEAN Week. The workshop was the continuous activity in a series of  veterinary forum conference which was aimed on  brainstorming, discussion, harmonization  and integration for Veterinary Statutory Body, chaired  by  Prof. Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University and Vice-President of Veterinary Council of Thailand. Participants of the workshop are  consisted of the representatives of the Veterinary Statutory body (VSB), VSB equivalent organization/ relevant institution of  9 ASEAN member states; Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, academic institutions, various veterinary associations, private sectors  as well as the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, Inc, AVBC.



The workshop focuses on initiating the progress of ASEAN Veterinary Statutory Body Network. In addition, the workshop  has  also invited the keynote speakers include professional expertises from OIE, executive directors from AVBC and international laws expert, to disseminate and acquaint veterinarian in mutual understanding roles and regulations,  sustainable implement by ASEAN country-level for the Veterinary Code of conduct.  That conducts  the discussion and publish to the regional veterinary meeting/forum in order to identify more feasible approach and conform the developments,  will propelling ASEAN veterinary regulations towards Veterinary Act in the near future. This initiative is noteworthy that all participants actively contributed in sharing their experiences, challenges and recommendations for initiating VSB of  ASEAN member’s countries. The agenda of the related meeting included the progress on Term of Reference of ASEAN Veterinary Statutory Body Network (AVSBN), also brain storming on setting up the Strategic plans in 2018-2020. This actual implementation will facilitate a significant progress toward the veterinary professional responsibility in  ASEAN. Which will be coordinated by  Veterinary Council of Thailand, the 1st Chair of AVSBN for 2018  on  step forward of  the formal establishment of the movement of skill labors trading ASEAN Community in this nearly future.